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Our School

Our School

Mukaf Learning Campus provides a community of life long learners, responsible citizens, and champions of tomorrow.


Welcome to MUKAF Learning Campus, Lahore. MUKAF Learning Campus (MLC) is not just another school but a project of highly motivated social and academicianc who wants to make a difference in the education sector of Pakistan. MLC is our response to the growing need of counter narrative of united, peaceful, resilient and smiling Pakistan.

As a close-knit team of professional educators our commitment is to assist our learners to be the best possible people they can be! We work hard to create an environment that places great importance on forming relationships where learners feel safe, being challenged and taking risks, where goal setting is part of the learning process and where celebrating progress and success is part of everyday life..

We provide a conducive learning environment to the eager young minds of tomorrow. We are committed to laying the foundation upon which each child can build, to become the architect of his or her own future. Located on 08-Kanals, the campus provides ample space for learning. The school has a full gym and stage area complete with sound and lighting equipment, as well as a large expanse of outdoor space. A soccer field, nature trail, playground, sledding hill, climbing trees, water rill and an amphitheater are among the elements available to students.


Founder's Message

It is a privilege to welcome you to MUKAF LEARNING CAMPUS (MLC), a unique school with a child-centered approach to learning. I am thrilled that you are considering our school for your child and hope that you will realize MLC is an excellent choice for the future of your child. Choosing a school for your child is one of the most important decisions you will have to make. We recognize this and at MLC we ensure that every child achieves their potential and more. Through highly enjoyable and engaging learning experiences, students acquire the skills and knowledge set out in the English International Curriculum and also develop as their own individuals through a broad range of extra-curricular and enrichment activities.

We have a great team of committed and enthusiastic teachers who work hard to ensure that every child develops lifetime skills for learning and aspires to success. All of our classroom teachers are highly qualified and receive up-to-date training to ensure standards are always high. State-of-the-art technologies are integrated into our curriculum and classrooms to ensure students are prepared for the future. A range of rich academic resources complement our fabulous and purpose built campus. All of this guarantees that every child in our care receives the best possible education.


As well as academic progress, your child will develop into a responsible global citizen guided by our school’s principal of honesty, integrity, tolerance and respect for others. Students are encouraged to be inquisitive and to play a part in their own development, as well as being challenged and given the opportunity to discover their abilities. We work hard to create an environment where children enjoy learning and feel safe and confident to participate, make mistakes and have fun. Most importantly, the MLC is a safe and nurturing environment. It will allow your family to be at peace, knowing that a team of dedicated staff have your child’s best interests, safety, and development at heart.

It is our firm ambition to ensure students who complete their education with us are exceptionally well prepared for the next stage of their education with the strength of character to match. I welcome letters and questions. I have an “open door” policy and encourage parents to come and visit our campus. I look forward to welcoming you, your family and child at MUKAF LEARNING CAMPUS (MLC). I know that you will sense the unique atmosphere here and will want your child to become a part of MLC. Our Visitors will realize that we are a School that really delivers on what we promise. I would like to leave you with a quote that has inspired me in my career and molded my approach towards young adults:

“Every child has a different learning style and pace. Each child is unique, not only capable of learning but also capable of succeeding.”

Director’s Message

A very warm welcome to our website which I hope you continue to explore and find out more about our School. Here in Mukaf Learning Campus you will find a dynamic, thriving and diverse learning community, where our children are encouraged to believe in themselves. Although our teachers all share a common goal and commitment to educational growth and excellence, we also aim to provide far more than impressive grades. We are dedicated to supporting our children to become critical thinkers, to ask questions, to take responsibility and to lead others. Because we believe that quality learning has a far greater chance of happening if our children are happy and confident in their own ability, we strive to create an environment where students encourage one another to ‘give it a go’ without the fear of failure. Our wonderfully positive ethos is, however, not easy to convey on a website, and we would be delighted to show you around if you would like a real tour of our school.

Advisory Council

Advisory Council of Mukaf Learning Campus (MLC) consists of individuals whose stature and accomplishments bring credibility to the campus. They provide counselling to the management of MLC on strategic, operational and financial directions. They are public and private sector leaders in various institutions and offer a wide array of perspectives and experiences. We momentously appreciate their dedication and services. Council Members are called upon:

  1. Provide counselling to management, faculty and staff on the strategies and issues affecting the future of the campus, curricula, programs and external affairs.
  2. Provide insights to the management, faculty and staff on how the campus can enhance the impact of its services on various stakeholder groups.
  3. Provide valuable contacts to faculty to access the academic and business community for research purposes to increase the impact of their work in business.
  4. Provide input to the management, faculty and staff for assessing the progress of the campus and designing future curricula.

Members Of Advisory Council

Former VC University of Gujrat,
Former Chairman HEC(Punjab)

Islamic Scholar
Dean Islamic Studies, Punjab University

VC, Allama Iqbal Open University, Islamabad

Islamic Scholar
HOD, Islamic Studies, University of the Punjab

Dean, Department of Law, Minhaj University, Lahore

HOD IT, Garrison University Lahore

HOD History, Women University Sialkot

DG, Punjab Institute of Language, Arts & Culture

Former VC, Bahauddin Zakariya University, Multan

HOD, Computer Science & IT
Lahore College for Women University

Former VC, University of Education

Department of Architecture
University of Engineering and Technology

Islamic Scholar

Former Principal, NCA

International Relations

Registrar, University of Sialkot

Pakistan Studies


Faculty & Staff

recruits and maintains well-qualified, highly skilled, professionals who share our vision and goals.


From our School Executives, to our teachers, to our Administrative Support Team, MLC is managed and run by a passionate, dedicated team that works tirelessly to deliver a world-class educational institution to students. We pride ourselves on the quality of our teaching staff. They are the people responsible for creating a caring learning environment in the classroom. All our teachers are committed to ensuring your child receives the best instruction available to nurture the innovative young minds of 21st Century


To develop well rounded, confident and responsible individuals who aspire to achieve their full potential.


Exceptional learning opportunities that emphasize achievement, personal fulfilment, service to others, learning skills and responsible global citizenship.

Our Core Values

Mukaf Learning Campus expects students, parents, faculty & staff to share and be guided by our core values:

  • Commitment: Being responsible for ourselves and others through service and action.
  • Community: Uniting people for peace, friendship and our common humanity.
  • Compassion: Acting with empathy and kindness towards ourselves and others.
  • Consideration: Accepting and understanding others to avoid prejudice and intolerance.
  • Courage: Reaching beyond our comfort zone.

Aims & Objectives

Our aim is to provide quality education and transform the child into a youth of fine intellect and distinguished character ready to face the world with honour and dignity.

  • Demonstrate high expectations to ensure high aspirations.
  • Deliver an outstanding education, both in and outside the classroom, that leads to high academic performance.
  • Offer all our children equal access to a broad and balanced curriculum, which is child-centred, stimulating and built on practical experiences where possible.
  • Ensure students have lifetime skills for learning, in speaking, listening, reading, writing and mathematics.
  • Provide opportunities to promote the children’s moral and social development.
  • Work in partnership with our parents and carers.
  • Foster good relationships with the wider community
  • Deploy resources to the best effect to improve the outcomes for our children.
  • To raise "globally-minded" individuals.
  • Engaging, enabling and empowering the inquiring minds of MUKAFIANS so that they can learn how to become confident, knowledgeable and lifelong learners.

We are ambitious for our students

What does this mean for your child?

  • We believe there is no limit to what our students can achieve. So we encourage them to be ambitious. To reach for their dreams. To step outside their comfort zones and try something new. We ignite their curiosity.
  • Being ambitious inspires our students. It urges them to stretch themselves that little bit further. To be relentlessly optimistic. To be the best that they can be. And beyond that to make a difference, to make things better, throughout our world.
  • Ambition can take them anywhere. It’s transformational. It’s what makes the extraordinary, possible. But it’s only the spark. It takes passion, determination and commitment to make it a reality. It takes creativity and innovation. It takes resilience and courage. It takes confidence.
  • That’s why our outstanding teachers nurture these essential skills through personalized learning for each child. We build on each student’s individual strengths and passions. We create challenge in every lesson and every activity so that they continuously grow and learn. We offer unique experiences to open new opportunities
  • Our MLC family empowers our students to achieve beyond what they may have thought possible, academically, socially and personally.


We believe that wearing a uniform is important in developing a sense of community and belonging. Children are expected to wear the MLC uniform during school hours. MLC has designed functional and comfortable uniform sets for boys and girls as per given detail:

Boys Girls
Summer Uniform White T shirt with Navy Blue Shorts, White Socks (with Blue Stripes) White T shirt with Navy Blue Shorts, White Socks (with Blue Stripes)
Winter Uniform Navy Blue Track Suit with Maroon T shirt, White Socks Navy Blue Track Suit with Maroon T shirt, White Socks
Shoes Stick On White Shoes Stick On White Shoes

Boys Girls
Summer Uniform Navy Blue Polo Shirt with Khaki Chino Pants, Black Belt, White Socks White Blouse with Khaki Tunic, White Tights/Leggings, White Socks
Winter Uniform White Dress Shirt with Khaki Chino Pants, Maroon Tie, Black Belt, Navy Blue sleeveless Sweater and Navy Blue Blazer White Blouse with Khaki Tunic, White Tights/Leggings, White Socks, Navy Blue Sleeveless Sweater and Navy-Blue Blazer
P.E Uniform Navy Blue Track Suit with White T shirt, White Stick-on Shoes Navy Blue Track Suit with White T shirt, White Stick-on Shoes
Shoes Black Shoes for regular classes and White Stick-on Shoes for P.E class. Black Shoes for regular classes and White Stick-on Shoes for P.E class.

Boys Girls
Summer Uniform Navy Blue Polo Shirt with Khaki Chino Pants, Black Belt, White Socks White Shalwar Kameez with Navy Blue Sash, White Socks
Winter Uniform White Dress Shirt with Khaki Chino Pants, Maroon Tie, Black Belt, Navy Blue sleeveless Sweater and Navy Blue Blazer White Shalwar Kameez with Navy Blue Sash, White Socks, Navy Blue Full Sleeve Button Sweater and Navy Blue Blazer
P.E Uniform Navy Blue Track Suit with White T shirt, White Stick-on Shoes Navy Blue Track Suit with White T shirt, White Stick-on Shoes
Shoes Black Shoes for regular classes and White Stick-on Shoes for P.E class. Black Shoes for regular classes and White Stick-on Shoes for P.E class.

School Hours:

PLAYGROUP 08:00 am – 12:30 pm (Mon-Thurs)
08:00 am – 12:15 pm (Friday)
08:15 am – 12:45 pm (Mon-Thurs)
08:15 am – 12:15 pm (Friday)
NURSERY 08:00 am – 01:30 pm (Mon-Thurs)
08:00 am – 12:15 pm (Friday)
08:15 am – 01:15 pm (Mon-Thurs)
08:15 am – 12:15 pm (Friday)
RECEPTION 07:45 am – 01:30 pm (Mon-Thurs)
07:45 am – 12:15 pm (Friday)
08:00 am – 01:15 pm (Mon-Thurs)
08:00 am – 12:15 pm (Friday)
YEAR-I (ONWARDS) 07:45 am – 01:45 pm (Mon-Thurs)
07:45 am – 12:30 am (Friday)
08:00 am – 01:45 pm (Mon-Thurs)
08:00 am – 12:35 am (Friday)
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