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Student Services

Our Services

MUKAF Learning Campus takes pride in our close-knit parent community. We work hard to achieve open two-way communication with parents and guardians.

Moreover, we are open from 8:00 am to 2:00 pm (Mon – Fri) and our phone number, email and Facebook page can be accessed in case of any query.

PTCL: 042-35702095

Mobile No: 0330-9891449

Instagram: Click Here!

Facebook: Click Here!


Google Classroom

The main hub of communication between Parents and MLC staff is the Google Classroom. Each student is assigned and Google ID at the time of admission through which they can easily access the Daily Lesson Plans & Notices. Parents & students can also communicate with the MLC Management, Administration and Faculty through Email.

Examination Process & Parent Teacher Meetings

An academic year at MLC is divided into 4 Terms. Each term is concluded with concept-based assessments, during which the students are assessed for their understanding of everything taught in the classroom.

  1. 1st In – House (October) Assessments
  2. Mid – Term (December) Assessments
  3. 2nd In – House (March) Assessments
  4. Final Term (May) Assessments

After each set of Assessments, MLC hosts Parent Teacher Meetings which helps our respected parents in communicating face to face with teachers to discuss their child’s progress.