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Registration Guidline

Mukaf Learning Campus provides a community of life long learners, responsible citizens, and champions of tomorrow.

• We are offering our preliminary registration to facilitate parents during Covid-19 lockdown.
• Parents are required to fill out a basic information sheet online for Preliminary Registration.
• Parents can contact the Admission Team via telephone to arrange a visit.
• Whenever Govt. will notify the opening of Schools, our admissions team will contact parents to submit admission form and to proceed further for admission.
• All those students registered via our online registration form will avail our extraordinary discounts offered during Covid-19 lockdown.
• After re-opening of School learner(s) will have to appear in our written assessment test (except playgroup), Director Campus will hold an interview with the parent(s) and learner(s). She will enquire about academic, social and behavioral background. The Director Campus will also introduce the school and all its aspects (philosophy, academic programs, student body, staff, and campus).
• Admission and placement will be determined based on results of the interview and written assessment test.

Why Us?

Mukaf Learning Campus provides a community of life long learners, responsible citizens, and champions of tomorrow.

How To apply for admission

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Step 1- Application

  1. Fill up our application form by getting it from our admission office. Submit application form with the documents listed below. The application form can be filled up by parents/guardian or they may seek help from our Admission Officer to fill up application form.
    1. 2 recent passport sized photographs (child name written on the back of each photograph).
    2. Copy of the B-from (NADRA ONLY).
    3. Copy of the previous school report (if applicable).
    4. Copy of both parents CNIC.
    5. Copy of the school leaving certificate (if applicable).
    6. Copy of both parents CNIC.
  2. Application forms must be completed and submitted to the Admission Office together with required supporting documents along with Registration Fee as per prevailing fee structure. Additional documents may be required when necessary. Please note that we are unable to process any application until all required documentation and the application fee have been received.
  3. Upon receipt of the above mentioned, an appointment will be made to assess the child to determine the acceptance and placement of the child.
  4. Please note that submission of an application does not guarantee a place until the completion of the admission procedure.

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Step 2- Admission in Playgroup to Reception

MLC will assess children at the early year’s stage. Children wishing to get admission in MLC must pass a school assessment test before being considered for admission.

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Step 3- Admission/Assessment Test

  1. All applicants for Year 1 and above are required to attend a placement test. The purpose of the placement test is to ensure that placement for all students meet met by their educational and personal requirements.
  2. The placement test requirements vary for different year groups and an interview with the Academic Coordinator may be required.
  3. The placement test materials are the property of the MLC, and parents are not allowed to view or obtain a copy prior to or after the placement test.
  4. Early year applicants are required to appear for an Admission Test.

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Interview with Academic Coordinator:

After the Admission Test is done, the Parents and the Student will be called in for an interview with the Academic Coordinator.

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Step 4-Application Outcome

  1. The parent will be notified of the application outcome within a few days of the assessment/placement test date.
  2. Placement of the applicant is at the absolute discretion of the campus, taking into consideration various factors, including the applicant’s language proficiency and academic ability
  3. If the year group is full, the applicant will be placed on a waiting list with a provisional intimation of Acceptance
  4. The acceptance of the placement will only be confirmed following payment of the 1 Term Full Fee according to the date on the Letter of Acceptance.

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Step 5-Admission

  1. Upon receiving the required payment, which confirms the acceptance of the placement, parents/guardian will receive information such as booklist and uniform list from the Admission Office.
  2. Admissions department will provide details for their first day at the School.
  3. Please contact our Admission Office for more information.

Note: School Rules and Regulations will be given upon registration.

Please note that the Mukaf Learning Campus Admission & Eligibility Policy may be revised from time to time without any prior notice.

Fee Policy

MUKAF Learning Campus is committed to spread knowledge at an affordable price for the whole community to strengthen our vision of “Well equipped learning platform affordable equitably for the whole community to serve the country by producing the most innovative leaders”. MLC is devoted to compete the existing educational platforms by providing the best education at minimum cost. Sibling discounts on tuition fees are available to MLC families. Our Fee Philosophy is “One school serving all”.
Note: Details of fees can be explained when you contact the MLC Admission Team.

Late Fee Payments - In case the school fee is not paid after issuance of the fee challan by the due date, late payment charges will be applicable.

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